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Thursday, November 11, 2004

For all you grammical police that are on the Seattle PI Blog...especially Leathers:

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Monday, November 01, 2004

I know the Orioles have stated several times since this past July that they overpaid on Tejada big time...even though his 2004 performance was so OUTSTANDING!

If the M's brass could ever pull a Boone for Tejada trade off...that would be something! Roberts isn't too impressive at 2B for the O's, and there are A LOT of SS's out their as FA's that are good quality and great defensive SS's that will be very cheap for the O's to pickup.

The other thing is that the M's offered Tejada a 5yr $60M deal, so after 2004 his remaining contract is in the M's ballpark. The O's only paid Tejada $7M in 2004, and $4M was deferred until 2010 & 2011. Besides the $4M deferred salary, Tejada has another $61M over the next 5 years owing. Considering the way that salaries have fallen so drastically over the past 3 yrs, it would benefit the O's to trade Tejada for Boone just to gain the salary relief longterm...and then focus on their pitching over the course of the next 2 years. The O's probably would even pay the deferred $4M on Tejada's contract since they only paid him $7M this year.

By doing this trade, the O's would have a Boone surrounded in the lineup with the likes of:

Javy Lopez

I think Boone would do incredible in that kind of a power lineup surrounding him! And, the O's would be saving several extra million $$$ for 2005. Several days ago there are strong rumors that the O's will be going HARD after Delgado. So if they add Delgado or Sexson at 1b, and add Boone on top of that, that would be pretty potent for the O's:

Javy Lopez

Then the O's would have and extra $12M freed up in 2006 for add'l offseason moves next year.

Let me rephrase that:

Then the O's would have an extra $12M freed up from Tejada's salary in 2006 AND they would have the $9M freed up from Boone's salary...for add'l offseason moves next year.

If the M's were able to do this sort of a trade for Tejada, we could use the entire offseason money to pickup:

1. Beltran, AND
2. Beltre, AND
3. A Starting Pitcher

Another thing: The O's are very well aware that there are more SS's out there this offseason than ever:


They could "easily" swap Tejada for Boone, and then take the $2M salary difference and apply it to Nomar who will only end up getting in the $7M range...costing the O's only $5M to have Nomar & Boone together versus ONLY Tejada for $11M. AND, they would have stellar defensive at both SS and 2B.

Javy Lopez

Adding: Nomar & Boone around those power hitters

AND, the O's would still have nearly $20M to go after 1-2 starting pitchers...OR 1 starter and Delgado.

Noone thought Nomar would go as cheap as he will end up going this offseason, especially considering the rumored offer early last year that he "supposedly" turned down from BoSox for BIG money. Now Nomar is stating openly that he's willing to sign a 1-2 yr deal for cheap in order to "prove" himself during this time to a team?!

I also wouldn't have a problem with picking up Nomar since we'd be buying in a very low market on him. We could give him a base salary with incentives that could reach as high as $8-9M, since he's big on "proving" himself.

I'd prefer Tejada though since the M's are focusing on getting younger, and Tejada's (28) is 3 yrs younger than Nomar, and a big enthusiastic clubhouse guy.

If the Tejada trade went down, we could either move Lopez to 2B. Or, sign Polanco who can play stellar D at 2B,SS,3B for $3-5M. Or trade Winn (and his $3.75M) for Chase Utley $300k, and let the Philly's resign Polanco. We then could focus on Beltran & Delgado & SP with our entire offseason money.

Since the O's are hurting for pitching, a Boone/Franklin/Nageotte for Tejada would be a salary swap.

I wouldn't be so quick to write off this Tejada thing! Especially with all the SS's out there for the O's to make a cheaper run at. The other thing everyone knows is that Boone will probably only get around $5-6M after 2006. This would be a pretty smart move for the O's to gain salary relief over the next several years and still have not only a decent team...but A LOT of extra offseason money over the next several years to do some damage in the AL East and take more games away from the Yanks & BoSox!

Something about Franklin: I have really liked him, and I can't believe the lack of run support he never gets! I also have noticed that he's been "trying" to be like a Jamie Moyer kind of a pitcher for the past couple of years, and he's gotten jammed because of it. Did you notice his last several starts, and then his comments following his starts? He was throwing lights out, and he followed up stating that he was starting to be more aggressive and throw more fastballs in amongst all his other stuff. That was throwing all the hitters off, because they were so use to him being a RHed Moyer on the mound.

I do like the thought of Franklin in the long relief role, but I do personally feel that he's got value for his $2.4M contract next year. And, that a number of teams would be very interested in him!
A Boone/Franklin/Nageotte could be a pretty enticing trade for Tejada. It might not happen?! The O's might laugh at the topic?! But then again, with all the SS's out there on the open market, they just might think it would actually be reasonable...

We should at least be acquiring about it, and throwing it the O's way though.

Just to back what I said about Franklin up:


His last 4 games in September:

9/15: 9 inning CG, 2 Hits, 0 Runs
9/20: 5 innings, 4 Runs
9/25: 6 innings, 6 Hits, 3 Runs
9/30: 7 innings, 3 Hits, 2 Runs

His 1st 5 games in August:

8/1: 7 innings, 6 Hits, 3 Runs
8/6: 7 innings, 7 Hits, 1 Run
8/12: 5 innings, 8 Hits, 6 Runs (He Got Tapped on this Game!)
8/18: 8 innings, 5 Hits, 3 Runs
8/24: 8 innings, 8 Hits, 4 Runs

Franklin would definitely be an awesome #5 starter in the O's rotation that could eat up a chunck of innings (200+ innings) for them in 2005!

Franklin would also get a hell of a lot more run support with the O's offense vs the M's offense over the past couple of years!



Colorado wants out of the Helton commitment and has a first base prospect (Ryan Shealy) due in 2006.

2005: $12.6M
2006: $16.6M
2007: $16.6M
2008: $16.6M
2009: $16.6M
2010: $16.6M
2011: $19.1M
2012: $23M option and NO buyout; can void after 2007

I've been a big Delgado fan for 1B for us, but I have to say that if Helton became availalbe AND Colorado would cut some salary back from his contract...I'd take Helton over Delgado anyday! He's not only 1.5yrs younger, but he's got 2 gold gloves to go along with it!

Colorado needs pitching, and is looking for salary relief from Helton's contract. Maybe they would take the following players off our hands in order to move Helton's salary:

Mateo, Shiggy, Speizio (this would give Ryan Shealy one extra year with Speizio, and decent 1B defense with Speizio too). Hell give them Nageotte too!

Mateo $350k

2005: $2.98
2006: $330k buyout

2005: $3.1M
2006: $3.1M
2007: $250k bouyout

How about Franklin too
2005: $2.4M

Colorado would be getting 3 pitchers (or 4 with Nageotte), and Seattle would only have to dish out:

2005: $4M extra out of our budget in 2005 for Helton
2006: $12.8M in 2006 Helton would cost us
2007: $16.6M
2008: $16.6M
2009: $16.6M
2010: $16.6M
2011: $19.1M

Maybe Colorado would dish back $3M/yr starting in 2007 to make his contract a little more reasonable.

So we trade for Shiggy/Franklin/Mateo/Nageotte/Speizio for Helton and end up having to pay:

2005: $4M extra out of our budget in 2005 for Helton
2006: $12.8M in 2006 Helton would cost us
2007: $13.6M (Rockies cutback $3M to us) & opt out of his 2012 option
2008: $13.6M (Rockies cutback $3M to us)
2009: $13.6M (Rockies cutback $3M to us)
2010: $13.6M (Rockies cutback $3M to us)
2011: $16.1M (Rockies cutback $3M to us)

I'm NOW getting a little too excited, but here goes:

1. Sign Beltran whatever it takes;
2. Sign Beltre whatever it takes;
3. Sign Clement for $6-7M/yr for 3yrs
4. Trade for Helton costing us $4M of our offseason money in 2005;
5. Trade Boone for Tejada costing us an add'l $2M in 2005, and move Lopez to 2B;
6. Trade Winn ($3.75m) for Chase Utley ($300k) to save $3.45M from Winn's salary, and platoon Utley's LHB at 2B with Lopez!

Our 2005 lineup would look like this:

RF Ichiro
2B Utley (Or LF Reed)
CF Beltran
1B Helton
SS Tejada (or Boone at 2B if not traded, and Utley/Lopez platooning at SS)
DH/LF Ibanez OR DH Bucky
3B Beltre
LF Reed
C Olivo/Wilson

2005 Rotation:

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